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Industry-First 50 GHz SMT Mixer for High Linearity Applications
We’re excited to introduce the MM1-1850HSM and MM1-1850SSM, 4×4 mm surface-mount versions of our high performance millimeter-wave GaAs MMIC mixer. For the first time, designers can harness the exceptional spurious suppression of Marki mixers for SMT applications up to an astounding 50 GHz! Both mixers feature an extremely wide RF bandwidth of 18 to 50 GHz and IF bandwidth of DC to 21 GHz. Evaluation boards are available and non-linear models can be downloaded here.

RF/LO [GHz]IF [GHz]LO Drive [dBm]
FeaturedModelDatasheetLowHighLowHighLowHighConversion Loss [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]IIP3 [dBm]Surface MountBare DieModuleMicrostripRoHS
NMM1-1850HSM PDF Download1850DC21+12+228.739+17Buy Now---Y
NMM1-1850SSM PDF Download1850DC21+20+289.728+28Buy Now---Y

Recommended LO Driver Amplifer: AMM-6702

A high performance mixer needs a high performance LO amplifier, and the AMM-6702 is that amplifier. Featuring an impressive 28 dB of gain and +22 dBm Psat at only 540 mW, this amplifier delivers. The MM1-1850HSM and MM1-1850SSM datasheets were constructed using the AMM-6702UC module as the LO driver. Contact [email protected] for current package options for the AMM-6702.

Frequency Band [GHz]Input Power for Saturation [dBm]
FeaturedModelDatasheetLowHighLowHighSaturated Output Power [dBm]Small Signal Gain [dB]OIP3 [dBm]S-ParamsSurface MountBare DieModuleRoHS
NAMM-6702 PDF Download2155+0+5+2124+27AMM-6702CH-Buy NowSee TableY

Are you designing for a high linearity EW application? This app note provides detailed analysis and measured data on many of our mixers in common tuner configurations. Spoiler alert: The MM1-1850S comes out on top.
Recommended App Note: State of the Art Tuner Chipsets for Electronic Warfare Applications