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Electrical Specifications- Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.

Parameter Input Output Min Typ Max Diode Option
  (GHz) (GHz)       Input drive level (dBm)
2F (out) Conversion Loss (dB) 8-24 16-48   15 20  +13
Suppressions (dBc) 1             +10 to +15      
1F (in) Fundamental       44  
3F (out) Third Harmonic       69  
4F (out) Fourth Harmonic       33  
5F (out) Fifth Harmonic       58  
Isolations (dB) 2          
1F (in) Fundamental       59  
3F (out) Third Harmonic       85  
4F (out) Fourth Harmonic       33  
5F (out) Fifth Harmonic       57  

1 Suppression is relative to 2F doubled output power.

Isolation is defined as relative to the 1F fundamental input power.


Download our 3D models here.
MMD-1648L Multiplier Package Diagram

The MMD-1648L is a balanced MMIC doubler covering 16 to 48 GHz on the output. It features superior isolations and harmonic suppressions across a broad bandwidth in a highly miniaturized form factor. Accurate, nonlinear simulation models are available for Microwave Office® through the Marki Microwave PDK. The MMD-1648L is available as a wire bondable chip or a connectorized package. The MMD-1648L is a superior alternative to Marki Microwave carrier and packaged doublers.

ModelPackage StyleOrder
MMD-1648LSConnectorized (S)Buy Now
MMD-1648LCHChip (CH)Buy Now

Nonlinear device models for ADS and Microwave Office – Download the PDK

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