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The MM1-1857H is a passive double balanced MMIC mixer.  It features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, in a highly miniaturized form factor.  Accurate, nonlinear simulation models are available for Microwave Office® through the Marki Microwave PDK.  The MM1-1857H is available as a wire bondable chip or an SMA connectorized package. The MM1-1857H is a superior alternative to Marki Microwave carrier and packaged M9 mixers

Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system. Specifications are shown for Configurations A (B). See page 2 for port locations. All bare die are 100% DC tested and 100% visual inspected. RF testing is performed on a sample basis to verify conformance to datasheet guaranteed specifications. Consult factory for more information.
Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max Diode Option
(GHz) (GHz) (GHz) LO drive level (dBm)
Conversion Loss 18-57 DC-21 7.5 (8) 17 (19)
Isolation (dB)
LO-IF Plots
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm) +9 H-Config. A: +13 to +20
+9 H-Config. B: +12 to +17
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm)
+20 H-Config. A: +13 to +20
+19 H-Config. B: +12 to +17




MM1-1857HSConnectorized (S)
MM1-1857HCH-2Chip (CH)

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