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IQ Mixers Features

• Smallest form factor multi-octave bandwidth IQ mixers available
• IQ mixers utilize two double balance mixer cores for high linearity
• Flat typical (<0.2dB) amplitude and (<5°) phase balance between I & Q ports
• Becomes an Image Reject/Single Sideband mixer with external IF quadrature hybrid

Learn More About IQ Mixers

An IQ mixer consists of two mixers where the RF (or LO) ports are connected with an in-phase power divider and the LO (or RF) ports are connected with a quadrature hybrid. The two IF ports, I for the in-phase component and Q for the 90° out-of-phase component, are available to the user. This combination allows the in-phase and quadrature components of the output signal to be modulated independently with each IF port. If an IQ mixer is used to transmit data, the in-phase and quadrature components can be selected at the receiver by using another IQ mixer. If the IF ports of an IQ mixer are combined with another quadrature hybrid, the result is a three-port device alternately called an image reject mixer (when used as a downconverter) or single sideband mixer(when used as an upconverter). For extensive analysis of IQ, IR and SSB mixers see the IQ mixer primer and our tech note series on this topic.


MMIC Surface Mounts

Our surface mount MMIC mixers feature optimized chips packaged into industry standard ceramic QFN. These affordable packages offer good electrical performance to 30 GHz while also providing proven high reliability. Eval modules of MMIC surface mount mixers are available.
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MMIC Bare Die/Modules

These mixers offer the best tradeoff between performance, size, repeatability, cost, and lead time/availability, particularly for higher volume applications. Marki develops MMIC mixers using full electromagnetic and circuit based non-linear optimization. Our MMIC mixers are fabricated with precise tolerance on a GaAs substrate with high speed Schottky diodes. Marki MMIC mixers offer superior non-linear performance and isolations compared to both competing MMIC mixers and hybrid mixers. Our MMIC bare die/module mixers are designed as a small form factor chip. This chip is also packaged into a module that is suitable for high performance laboratory use or as an eval module with equivalent performance as the bare die.
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Marki’s hybrid IQ/IR/SSB mixers offer lower conversion loss than MMIQ products, at the expense of reduced image rejection/sideband suppression, amplitude balance, phase balance, and isolations. For legacy systems, certain lab applications, and some frequency ranges these mixers may still be the preferred choice. 
Recommended Driver Amplifiers for Marki Mixers