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Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50-Ohm system.
Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max Diode Option
  (GHz)  (GHz) (MHz)        LO drive level (dBm)
Conversion Loss (dB) 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0 DC-500   7.5 9.0  
Image Rejection (dB) 8.0-18.0 8.0-18.0 DC-500 16 23    
  6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0 DC-500 14 23    
I/Q Amplitude Deviation (dB) 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0 DC-500   0.4    
I/Q Quadrature Phase Deviation (degrees) 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0 DC-500   3    
Isolation (dB)              
LO-RF 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0   25 35    
LO-IF 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0     20    
RF-IF 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0     20    
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm) 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0     +4   L (+10 to +13)
          +6   M (+13 to +16)
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm) 6.0-18.0 6.0-18.0     +14   L (+10 to +13)
        +16   M (+13 to +16)
Download our 3D models here.
IQ-0618 Mixer Package Diagram
An IQ mixer is a special mixer that has quadrature IF outputs. It is different from an IR/SSB mixer because it put data in both sidebands around the LO, but with different phase such that the two data signals can be retrieved independent of each other. The I and Q inputs to the mixer will show up 90° out of phase with each other on the RF side, and can then be retrieved using another IQ mixers.

ModelDiode OptionOrder
IQ-0618LXPL (+10 to +13)Buy Now
IQ-0618MXPM (+13 to +16)Buy Now

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