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Electrical Specifications – Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.
Parameter Frequency Range (GHz) Min Typ Max
Cross Over Frequency 1.1   ±5 %  
Low Pass Filter        
Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB) DC to 0.85   0.5 1
Stop Band Rejection (dB) 1.4 to 3.3   18  
  3.3 to 5 18 22  
Pass Band Return Loss (dB) <0.85   20  
High Pass Filter        
Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB) 1.4 to 5   0.6 1.2
            Stop Band Rejection (dB) <0.6 24 30  
  <0.85   18  
Pass Band Return Loss (dB) 1.4 to 5   15  
Common Port Return Loss (dB) <0.85   20  
  1.4 to 5   15  
Isolation (dB) <0.75 14 24  
  1.5 to 5 14 24  
RF Power  (W)       1
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DPX-1 Filter Package Diagram
A diplexer is a device that separates or combines a high frequency and a low frequency. Each diplexer has a low pass cutoff frequency below which signals are routed from the common port to the low pass port, and a high pass cutoff frequency above which signals are routed from the common port to the highpass port. Excellent for use as a duplexer, absorptive filter, or frequency selective signal router, Marki Diplexers offer sharp corners in a small package. Custom designs are available across the band.

ModelPackage StyleOrder
DPX-1-1Surface Mount (-1)Buy Now
DPX-1-2Surface Mount (-2)Buy Now
DPXN-1Connectorized (N)Buy Now

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