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Equalizer Features

• Positive gain slope equalization
• Various low frequency attenuation options
• Multiple and Custom slope characteristics
• Flat group delay – suitable for data application

Learn More About Equalizers

An RF/Microwave equalizer is a type of filter designed to introduce frequency dependent losses opposite to those naturally present in a system. When inserted into a system with a typical frequency characteristic, it equalizes the broadband insertion loss of the system. Marki equalizers are specific types of high pass filters designed to compensate for typical low pass system characteristics. Important characteristics include the insertion loss at DC, frequency at which the insertion loss is a minimum, return loss, group delay, and rise/fall time. Marki equalizers are suitable for both RF/Microwave and high speed digital data applications. Typical applications include compensation of PCB and cable loss and leveling of gain block amplifiers.

Surface Mounts

COMING SOON – Marki surface mount equalizers are packaged in a 3x3mm QFN. They are suitable for general purpose equalization of circuit traces, amplifiers, and other components up to 30 GHz.


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