Marki Microwave is proud to publicly offer our non-linear simulation design kits for both Cadence® AWR® Microwave Office® (MWO) and Keysight’s PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS). At Marki Microwave we strive to offer top tier engineering support with experts in all aspects of the RF & Microwave field. The best-in-class RF & Microwave components demand engineering support that is up to par. In keeping with this philosophy, both MWO and ADS design kits offer simulation models for our Microlithic and MMIC mixer and multiplier products. Support for both design kits is ongoing and verified through measurement. If you do not see the part you are interested in simulating, try looking for it as a bare die with the ‘-CH’ suffix. We do not offer models including packaging effects so bare die performance will be closest to performance of the packaged mixer.

You won’t find mixer S-parameters on our website. For non-linear devices S-parameters are not meaningful. S-parameters only shows small-signal behavior and don’t allow for large-signal analysis. X-parameters, the superset of S-parameters, do allow for large-signal analysis; however, X-parameter models are both environmentally dependent and depend on the device under test’s input condition. Both of these behavioral models do a good job for passive linear components like power dividers and couplers, and you’ll find downloadable S-parameters on our website for all of our passive components.

Heavily non-linear devices such as mixers, doublers, and NLTLs demand physics-based models capable of accurately simulating non-linear effects of the diodes within the circuits. This is precisely what our design kits do. Numerical solutions through harmonic balance simulations are the time efficient way of performing non-linear analysis such as IP3 and spurious output prediction early in the design cycle. Days and weeks of careful characterization can be reduced to a few hours with the design and debug support offered by our simulation design kits. For an overview of the design kits, examples of its accuracy, and a complete list of products supported please see our Brief Guide to Marki Mixer Simulation Models.

Download both the ADS and MWO kits below.

Non-Linear Device Models
Non-Linear Device Models