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Our high directivity RF/microwave bridge couplers use a proprietary design to provide the highest directivity in any commercially available coupler. With better than 35 dB of directivity these couplers make an excellent choice for reflection measurements, combining of two signals with very different power levels, and many other applications. They are also capable of operation down to kHz frequencies.

Electrical Specifications
Parameter1 Frequency Range Min Typ Max
Direct Line Insertion Loss (dB) 200 kHz-12 GHz     3.5
Coupling (dB) 200 kHz-6 GHz   16  
  9 GHz   14  
  12 GHz   12  
VSWR 200 kHz-12 GHz   1.25 1.6
Directivity (dB) 20 MHz-12 GHz 22 32  
  200 kHz-20 MHz   25  
Power (W)       1
Weight (g)     30  
1Specifications guaranteed when operated in a 50Ω system.





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