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Our RF/microwave stripline directional couplers use proprietary circuit design to offer higher directivity than competing stripline couplers across a broad bandwidth. They offer higher frequencies and more power handling than the high directivity bridge couplers and have higher directivity and flatter coupling than our high power/low loss airline couplers. Advanced design optimization allows for bandwidth ratios exceeding 50:1.

Electrical Specifications
Parameter1 Frequency Range (GHz) Min Typ Max
Mean Coupling (dB) 2-26.5 20
Amplitude Flatness (dB)2 ±0.75 ±1.5
Direct Line Insertion Loss (dB) 1.2
VSWR 2-20 1.25 1.4
20-26.5 1.5
Directivity (dB) 2-20 15 22
20-26.5 13 18
Weight (g) 45
1Specifications guaranteed when operated in a 50Ω system. 2Deviation from average coupling.





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