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The MFB-5350 bandpass filter is the latest addition to Marki Microwave’s growing catalog of in-stock MMIC filters. This V-band filter has a passband of 37 to 70 GHz with a low 1.2 dB insertion loss and excellent return loss. Our GaAs MMIC process ensures highly repeatable performance and scalability for high volume applications as pre-select, image, or LO cleanup filters. The MFB-5350 is available today in wire-bondable die.

Marki is proud to introduce surface-mount versions of our low-barrier diode MMIC IQ mixers. The MMIQ-0520LSM and MMIQ-0626LSM, with wide RF/LO bandwidths of 5 to 20 GHz and 6 to 26 GHz respectively, provide exceptional LO-RF isolation and spurious suppression. When used as an image reject or a single-sideband mixer (with an external IF hybrid) these IQ mixers provide excellent image/sideband suppression. A low +3dBm drive level is all that’s required. MMIQ-0520LSM & MMIQ-0626LSM are available in 4×4 mm QFN or connectorized evaluation module.

Introducing a broadband high-linearity mixer optimized for the emerging 5G market. Whether designing for 28 GHz, 39 GHz, or one of several proposed bands this one mixer answers the call with ultra-wide RF/LO bandwidth covering 10 to 44 GHz and IF bandwidth of DC to 14 GHz. Like all Marki mixers, the MM1-1044L/H features outstanding spurious suppression and isolations. This mixer is offered in two diode options for tailoring to your specific LO drive level and linearity requirements. Unique to the MM1-1044L/H, and attractive for high volume 5G applications, is that this performance is offered in a smaller form factor and at a fraction of the cost of other high performance Marki mixers in this frequency range.
Available now as 0.8 mm x 1.2 mm wire-bondable die or in a connectorized module.

Introducing Marki Microwave’s latest passive frequency doubler, the MMD-3580L, is designed specifically for V-band applications with output frequencies from 35 to 80 GHz. Featuring a low 11 dB conversion loss, the MMD-3580L provides superior suppression with a typical 38 dBc fundamental and 44 dBc 3F suppression value. A unique feature is the low input power requirement of +7dBm, ideal for high frequency applications where power comes at a premium.
This doubler is available as bare die or in one of two connectorized modules.
MMD-3580LCH: Bare die operates with 35-80 GHz output
MMD-3580LU-KW: Module with 35-80 GHz output (1mm output connector)
MMD-3567LU: Module with 35-67 GHz output (1.85mm output connector)

Marki Microwave now offers a versatile DC to 35 GHz amplifier in a bare die package, with 14 dB of gain and +22 dBm saturated output power. The ADM-5974CH provides efficient optimized LO drive to all Marki Microwave mixers, ideal for electronic warfare, clock distribution, or test and measurement applications. The design allows for single-supply DC biasing for customer convenience or for optional negative bias to increase even harmonic rejection and decrease DC current consumption. ADM-5974CH is built with a low-noise GaAs pHEMT process to provide competitive phase noise performance.
The ADM-5931CH offers an efficient low-power solution for use as a pre-amp or LO driver amplifier, providing 11 dB of gain and +17 dBm saturated output power with less than 100 mA of DC bias current. ADM-5931CH‘s extended DC to 28 GHz gain and low even harmonic generation provide enhanced linearity as an LO driver for Marki Microwave’s T3 mixers. Requiring only a single positive bias voltage, a negative supply voltage can be added for enhanced even harmonic rejection and reduced DC current draw. Low-noise pHEMT technology gives the ADM-5931CH competitive phase-noise performance. ADM-5931CH is available as bare die.
MMIC filters from Marki Microwave provide outstanding savings in board space and cost, while offering exceptional in-band performance and out-of-band rejection. We’re introducing three new filters for K and Ka band applications. MFB-2400 has a bandwidth of 21 to 27 GHz, MFB-2500 covers 18 to 32 GHz, and MFB-3450 targets both K and Ka band with a 24 to 45 GHz bandwidth. All three filters feature a low 1.5 dB insertion loss, excellent 15 dB return loss, and 30 dB ultimate rejection.
 These filters are tiny at only 1.25 mm2. With their small footprint and low insertion loss, these filters can easily be inserted as pre-select or image reject filters at RF front-ends or as clean up filters in clock paths. Our MMIC process ensures highly repeatable performance and scalability for high volume applications. MFB-2400MFB-2500, and MFB-3450 are available today in wire-bondable die.

Marki Microwave is introducing 3 new passive GaAs MMIC mixers, each covering RF/LO from 2 to 12 GHz and IF DC to 3 GHz. These broadband mixers are of similar design offering exceptional port-to-port isolations with LO-IF approaching 50dBc.

What differentiates each mixer is the LO drive required and the resultant linearity. The MM1-0212L will operate with as low as +1dBm LO drive and provide IIP3 up to +14dBm at nominal drive levels of +9dBm. The MM1-0212H has a nominal LO drive of +15dBm with IIP3 of +23dBm. For the most demanding applications we offer the MM1-0212S with nominal LO drive of +20dBm (up to +23dBm) and an outstanding IIP3 of +29dBm.

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The 2017 International Microwave Symposium was held in beautiful Honolulu, Hawai’i. Hundreds of exhibitors showcased their present technology and forecasted the future capabilities of Microwave technology. This event compels the industry to create real solutions to new world opportunities such as 5G possibilities. IMS provides a platform for Vendor and Customers to make in-person connection and provide or a litany of opportunities to push the boundary of capability. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and all those who make this keystone event possible. We look forward to seeing you next year at IMS 2018 Philadelphia.

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