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A resistive power divider offers broadband general purpose power splitting with low directivity and a 6 dB nominal insertion loss. For more information please see the Power Dividers and Coupler application note. Marki resistive power dividers offer low excess insertion loss and excellent amplitude and phase balance to 40 GHz. Note that a resistive power divider is not recommended as a power combiner due to the lack of isolation.

Electrical Specifications – Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max
Nominal Power Splitting (dB) DC to 30 GHz   6  
Excess Insertion Loss (dB)1   1 3
Nominal Phase Shift (Degrees)   0  
Amplitude Balance (dB)   ±0.25  
Phase Balance (Degrees)   ±3  
VSWR   1.6  
Input Power (Watt)     1
1Excess Insertion Loss = (Common Port to Output Port Insertion Loss) – 6 dB.




PD-0030SMGSurface Mount (SM)

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