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Microlithic is a patent pending breakthrough technology platform from Marki Microwave that allows us to create doublers with superior performance and a 14x size reduction. The Microlithic Technology Platform consists of a novel material system combined with advanced computer aided design methodology. This methodology allows Marki Microwave to support the microlithic doubler line with accurate simulation models.

Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.
Parameter Input Output Min Typ Max Diode Option
  (GHz) (GHz) Input drive level (dBm)
2F (out) Conversion Loss (dB) 3.0-16.0 6.0-32.0   12 17  
Suppressions 1            
1F (in) Fundamental       40    
3F (out) Third Harmonic       42    
4F (out) Fourth Harmonic       18    
Isolations 1            
1F (in) Fundamental       52    
3F (out) Third Harmonic       54    
4F (out) Fourth Harmonic       30    
1F Input Level 2     +9   +15 L-Version
1 Suppression is relative to doubled output power. Isolation is defined as relative to the fundamental input power. 2 For higher input power, alternative diode options may be available. Contact factory.




ModelPackage Style
MLD-0632LSConnectorized (S)
MLD-0632LCHChip (CH)

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