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The DAD-1840 consists of two high performance doublers with a broadband amplifier to provide a quadrupled output with excellent harmonic suppressions across a broad bandwidth. The DAD-1840 simultaneously rejects the first, second, and third harmonics, allowing filtering requirements to be relaxed. It is an excellent alternative to expensive millimeter wave synthesizers for lab use. 

Parameter INPUT OUTPUT Min Typ Max
  (GHz) (GHz)      
Input (dBm)          
F(in) 4.5-10   +9   +18
Output Converted Power (dBm)          
4F(out)   18.0-40 +0 +3  
Suppressions (dBc)          
F(in) Fundamental   4.0-10.0   30  
2F(out) Second Harmonic   9.0-20.0   23  
3F(out) Third Harmonic   13.5-30   31  
Bias Requirements (mA) 1          
+7/-0.5 Volts DC       165 250
1It is recommended that the negative bias be applied before or concurrent with the positive bias.  




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