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M2 Mixers are the standard Marki triple balanced mixers. As detailed in the Mixer Basics Primer, a triple balanced mixer can have overlapping LO, RF, and IF bands. Additionally the IF bandwidth peaks at higher frequencies, and does not have the roll-off characteristic of a double balanced mixer. M2 mixers offer outstanding broadband operation from MHz frequencies to 50 GHz.

Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max Diode Option
  (GHz) (GHz) (GHz)

LO drive level (dBm)
Conversion Loss (dB) .01-26.5 .01-26.5 .001-6.0   8.0  

Isolation (dB)            

LO-RF .01-26.5 .01-26.5     30  

LO-IF .01-26.5 .01-26.5     30  

RF-IF .01-26.5 .01-26.5     30  

Input 1 dB Compression (dBm) .01-26.5 .01-26.5     +5   L (+15 to +18)
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm) .01-26.5 .01-26.5     +15   L (+15 to +18)




ModelPackage OptionI-Port Configuration
M2-0026LE-1Microstrip (E)-1
M2-0026LE-2Microstrip (E)-2
M2-0026LPConnectorized (P)NA

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