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The M1 mixer family is our most popular line of mixers. These expertly constructed double balanced mixers offer remarkably low conversion loss with very little ripple across a broad bandwidth. Additionally their well-balanced construction using high quality diodes leads to excellent Isolations from the LO to both the IF and RF ports. They are available in a wide variety of package options including surface mount, carrier, and connectorized as high as 26.5 GHz.

  • LO/RF 2.0 to 4.0 GHz
  • IF DC to 2.0 GHz
  • 5.0 dB Typical Conversion Loss
  • 35 dB Typical LO to RF Isolation
  • Octave Band RF and LO




ModelDiode OptionPackage OptionI-Port Configuration
M1-0204LE-1L (+7 to +10)Microstrip (E)-1
M1-0204ME-1M (+10 to +13)Microstrip (E)-1
M1-0204NE-1N(+13 to +16)Microstrip (E)-1
M1-0204SE-1S(+19 to +22)Microstrip (E)-1
M1-0204LE-2L (+7 to +10)Microstrip (E)-2
M1-0204ME-2M (+10 to +13)Microstrip (E)-2
M1-0204NE-2N(+13 to +16)Microstrip (E)-2
M1-0204HE-2H(+16 to +19)Microstrip (E)-2
M1-0204SE-2S(+19 to +22)Microstrip (E)-2
M1-0204LPL (+7 to +10)Connectorized (P)NA
M1-0204MPM (+10 to +13)Connectorized (P)NA
M1-0204NPN(+13 to +16)Connectorized (P)NA
M1-0204HPH(+16 to +19)Connectorized (P)NA
M1-0204SPS(+19 to +22)Connectorized (P)NA

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