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Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max Diode Option





LO drive level (dBm)

Conversion Loss (dB) 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0 50-90   5.5 8.0  
Image Rejection (dB) 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0 50-90 15 23    
Isolation (dB)              
LO-RF 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0   20 30    
LO-IF 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0     25    
RF-IF 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0     25    
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm) 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0     +4   L (+10 to +13)
          +6   M (+13 to +16)
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm) 4.5-9.0 4.5-9.0     +14   L (+10 to +13)
        +16   M (+13 to +16)
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IR-4509 Mixer Package Diagram
An image reject mixer is a special mixer that will perform a single sided up or downconversion. In a single sided upconversion, one of the the sidebands (LO+RF or LO-RF) is suppressed by the mixer, whereas in a single sideband downconversion (or ‘image reject’ conversion), one of the sidebands is suppressed out of the IF port. Marki IR and SSB mixers offer excellent image suppression and sideband rejection across broad bandwidths.

ModelDiode OptionOrder
IR-4509LXPL (+10 to +13)Buy Now
IR-4509MXPM (+13 to +16)Buy Now

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