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The MEQ6-60A is a passive MMIC equalizer. It is a positive gain slope equalizer designed to pass DC to 60GHz. Equalization can be applied to reduce low pass filtering effects in both RF/microwave and high speed digital systems. Passive GaAs MMIC technology allows production of smaller equalizer constructions that replace larger form factor circuit board constructions. Better IC tolerances allow for less unit to unit variation that traditionally etched circuits have. Low unit to unit variation allow for accurate simulations using the provided S2P file taken from measured production units.

Electrical Specifications – Specifications guaranteed for +25°C for chip (CH) package, measured in a 50Ω system.

Parameter Frequency (GHz) Min Typ. Max
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.01   6  
  40   1.5  
  60   1.5  2.5
Return Loss (dB)

DC - 40

12 15
Impedence (Ω)     50  




MEQ6-60ACHChip (CH)

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