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Marki is bringing advanced mixer designs to a broader market with four new models of GaAs Schottky diode double balanced mixers covering S and K band applications.  These designs combine the legendary mixer design expertise of Marki Microwave with the repeatability and economies of scale intrinsic in the MMIC production method.  There are four new models available in bare die form for immediate sampling:

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MM1-0320H covers 3 to 20 GHz with DC to 4 GHz IF

MM1-0422H covers 4 to 22 GHz with DC to 4 GHz IF

MM1-0624H covers 6 to 24 GHz with DC to 9 GHz IF

MM1-0625H covers 4 to 25 GHz with DC to 8 GHz IF

Each design occupies the same tiny 0.055″ [1.4 mm] x 0.043″ [1.1 mm] footprint, and each one can be operated in two different configurations (A or B).  All designs have excellent LO-RF isolation of nearly 50 dB typical, and excellent spurious suppression.  The variety of models and configurations available means that designers have many options in their toolbox to optimize for the optimum dynamic range for their frequency plan.

Considering that these designs are being offered at very competitive pricing as low as $25 each in 1000+ piece quantities, these mixers will bring Marki performance to previously underserved applications like communications.  Die are available for immediate sampling, contact your local Marki representative or [email protected]m for more information.


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