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The BT1-0026 is constructed using a custom-made, resonance-free conical inductor to achieve extremely broadband performance. By minimizing the overall inductor size and using proprietary packaging techniques, the BT1- 0026 is a superior option in terms of performance, reliability and ease-ofuse when compared to cumbersome user-designed bias tees employing off-the-shelf conical inductors. The extremely low cutoff and resonance free operation makes the BT1-0026 suitable for biasing amplifiers, lasers, and modulators driven with high frequency data patterns.

Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max
Insertion Loss (dB) 200 kHz-26.5 GHz   1 2
50-200 kHz   2  
DC Port Isolation (dB) 50 kHz -1 GHz   50  
1-26.5 GHz   30  
Return Loss (dB) 50 kHz-26.5 GHz   14  
RF Power (W)     10
DC Current (A)       1
DC Voltage (V)     50
DC Resistance (Ω)   1  
Risetime /Falltime (ps)1   10  
1Specified as 90%/10%. Calculated from tbt2= (tout2 – tin2)





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