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An RF/microwave bias tee is a device that combines (or separates) a DC signal with an RF signal, generally for biasing amplifiers or other active microwave devices. Our bias tees offer low insertion loss and high return loss to from kHz to Ka band frequencies. They are available in connectorized, surface mount, and RoHS surface mount versions. The surface mount bias tees come in an extremely compact .150” x .240” package.

Electrical Specifications
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max
Insertion Loss (dB) 40 kHz to 25 GHz   0.8 2.0
DC Current (mA)       500
DC Port Isolation (dB) 40 kHz to 25 GHz   35  
DC Voltage Maximum (V) 40 kHz to 25 GHz     30
RF Power Maximum (W) 40 kHz to 25 GHz     1





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