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DC blocks, similar to bias tees, block the DC component on an RF/microwave transmission line. Marki Coaxial DC Blocks feature a special ‘guided wave’ construction in a rugged adapter style jacket to allow for low, flat insertion loss.

Electrical Specifications- Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50-Ohm system.
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max
Near DC Insertion Loss (dB) 2 kHz 3
Insertion Loss (dB) .7 1.4
VSWR 1.4
Capacitance (µF) 1
Rise Time (ps)1  4 kHz to 40.0 GHz 6
Group Delay (ps) 75
DC Voltage (V) 16
RF Power (W) 1
1Specified as 90%/10%. Calculated from tbalun2= (tout2 – tin2) with a 10 Gb/s input pattern




ModelConnector Configuration
DCZM29F29M29F29 (Male 2.92/Female 2.92)
DCZM29M29M29M29 (Male 2.92/Male 2.92)
DCZF29F29F29F29 (Female 2.92/Female 2.92)

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