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The ADP-2429 is a line of 2.92 mm (compatible with K or SMA) to 2.4 mm (compatible with V) connectors. Marki coaxial microwave and RF adapters offer low insertion loss, high return loss (low VSWR), and mechanical ruggedness. Their unique easy-grip jacket allows attachment and removal in laboratory environments without the use of a wrench.
All combinations of male and female for 2.4 mm pin (compatible with V connectors) and 2.92 mm pin (compatible with SMA and K connectors) are available.
When specifying connector options note that 'male' and 'female' refer to the pin configuration and not the socket.

Electrical Specifications
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max

Insertion Loss (dB)

DC-26.5 GHz   0.25 0.5

26.5-40 GHz   0.3 0.7


DC-26.5 GHz   1.1 1.15

26.5-40 GHz   1.2 1.3




ModelConnector Configuration
ADPM24F29Male 2.4 mm/ Female 2.92 mm
ADPM24M29Male 2.4 mm/ Male 2.92 mm
ADPF24M29Female 2.4 mm / Male 2.92 mm
ADPF24F29Female 2.4 mm/ Female 2.92 mm

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