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Marki coaxial microwave and RF adapters offer low insertion loss, high return loss (low VSWR), and mechanical ruggedness. Their unique easy-grip jacket allows attachment and removal in laboratory environments without the use of a wrench.
All combinations of male and female for 2.4 mm pin (compatible with V connectors) and 2.92 mm pin (compatible with SMA and K connectors) are available.
When specifying connector options note that 'male' and 'female' refer to the pin configuration and not the socket.

Electrical Specifications:
Parameter Frequency Range Min Typ Max

Insertion Loss (dB)

DC-40.0 GHz   0.2 0.5
  40-50 GHz   0.5  .75


DC-40.0 GHz   1.12 1.22
  40-50 GHz   1.35 1.5




ModelConnector Configuration
ADPM24M24Male / Male
ADPF24M24Male / Female
ADPF24F24Female / Female

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