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Microlithic is a patent pending breakthrough technology platform from Marki Microwave that allows us to create mixers with superior performance and a 14x size reduction. The Microlithic Technology Platform consists of a novel material system combined with advanced computer aided design methodology. This methodology allows Marki Microwave to support the microlithic mixer line with accurate simulation models.

This Microlithic mixer is similar in circuit design to an M1 mixer. Due to it's improved materials technology and design process it has superior isolation and spurious performance, as well as being 14x smaller than the smallest package M1.

Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.
Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max Diode Option1
  (GHz) (GHz) (GHz) LO drive level (dBm)
Conversion Loss (dB) 2-18 DC-2   7 12  
  2-4   9 14  
Isolation (dB)          
LO-RF     See Plots    
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm)     +3   L (+8 to +14)
      +9   I (+15 to +20)
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm)     +14   L (+8 to +14)
    +21   I (+15 to +20)
1Contact factory for other diode options.




ModelDiode OptionPackage StyleI Port Configuration
ML1-0218LSM-1L (+8 to +14)Surface Mount-1
ML1-0218ISM-1I (+15 to +20)Surface Mount-1
ML1-0218LSM-2L (+8 to +14)Surface Mount-2
ML1-0218ISM-2I (+15 to +20)Surface Mount-2
EVAL-ML1-0218LL (+8 to +14)Connectorized Evaluation FixtureN/A
EVAL-ML1-0218II (+15 to +20)Connectorized Evaluation FixtureN/A

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