Microwave Highpass Filters

Marki Microwave Highpass filters are based on a waveguide cavity design, offering broadband highpass response with outstanding stopband rejection. Alternative highpass variations are available on a custom basis from the factory.

High Pass Filters

Typical Performance @ +25°C

ModelDatasheetPriceStockCutoff Frequency [GHz]30 dB Rejection Frequency [GHz]50 dB Rejection Frequency [GHz]80 dB Rejection Frequency [GHz]S-Parameters
FH-1700 PDF Download$525.00017.0014.0011.506.00FH-1700
FH-1800 PDF Download$525.00018.0015.0012.006.50FH-1800
FH-2600 PDF Download$675.00026.0021.5018.0011.00FH-2600
FH-4000 PDF Download$795.00240.0036.6033.0025.00FH-4000
FH-5500 PDF Download$1,100.00755.0051.0045.0035.00FH-5500