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NLTL-6026SConnectorized8 (Subject to prior sale)
$695.00 695
1 to 9$695.00
10 to 49$660.25
50 to 99$627.24
100 to 499$595.89
500 to 999$566.08
NLTL-6026CHChip237 (Subject to prior sale)
$224.00 224
5 to 24$224.00
25 to 99$185.92
100 to 999$168.00
at least 1000$125.44


The NLTL-6026 is a GaAs Schottky diode based non-linear transmission line comb generator. It is optimized for at input frequencies of 1 – 16 GHz and minimum input drive powers of +16 dBm. Harmonic content is available up to 50GHz. The NLTL-6026 available as a wire bondable chip or connectorized SMA package. The NLTL-6026 is an excellent alternative to step recovery diodes.

Please see NLTL-6273 for new designs. For any questions, email our engineering staff at [email protected]. Thank you.

Electrical Specifications - Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system.

Parameter Min Max
Input Frequency (GHz) 1 16
Input Power (dBm) 1 16
Harmonic Output Power (dBm) See Datasheet Plots