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MM1-0312SSConnectorized (S)23 (Subject to prior sale)
$350.00 350
1 to 9$350.00
10 to 49$332.50
50 to 99$315.88
100 to 499$300.09
500 to 999$285.08
MM1-0312SCH-2Chip (CH)2880 (Subject to prior sale)
$50.00 50
5 to 24$50.00
25 to 99$41.50
100 to 999$37.50
at least 1000$28.00


The MM1-0312S is a high linearity passive double balanced MMIC mixer.  The S diode offers superior 1 dB compression, two tone intermodulation performance, and spurious suppression to other GaAs MMIC mixers. It features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, in a miniature form factor.  Accurate, nonlinear simulation models are available for Microwave Office® through the Marki Microwave PDK.  The MM1-0312S is available as a wire bondable chip or an SMA connectorized package. The MM1-0312S is a superior alternative to Marki Microwave carrier and packaged M1 and M3 mixers

Electrical Specifications- Specifications guaranteed from -55 to +100°C, measured in a 50Ω system. Specifications are shown for Configurations A (B). See page 2 for port locations. All bare die are 100% DC tested and 100% visual inspected. RF testing is performed on a sample basis to verify conformance to datasheet guaranteed specifications. Consult factory for more information.
Parameter LO RF IF Min Typ Max  
  (GHz) (GHz) (GHz)       LO drive level (dBm)
Conversion Loss 3-12 DC-4.5   8 (9.5)    
Isolation (dB)        
LO-RF   See    
LO-IF   Plots    
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm)   +9   Config. A: +18 to +23
    +9   Config. B: +17 to +23
Input Two-Tone Third Order Intercept Point (dBm)        
  +19   Config. A: +18 to +23
  +23   Config. B: +17 to +23