Broadband Pulse Inverters

Our broadband RF/microwave pulse inverters provide an analog inversion of an input signal with a very fast rise/fall time. It creates a negative voltage reproduction of an input signal matched to a 50 Ω output. This is useful for signal processing and laboratory test and measurement. It can be used with a matched delay line to create a very broadband balun as well.

Pulse Inverters

Typical Performance @ +25°C

ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighInsertion Loss [dB]Rise/Fall Time [ps]S-Parameters
INV-0026 PDF Download$595.002200 kHz26.5 GHz213INV-0026
INV-0040 PDF Download$745.003200 kHz40 GHz2.513INV-0040
INV-0065 PDF Download$895.002200 kHz65 GHz512INV-0065