For a complete introduction to baluns and transformers, please see the Marki Microwave Balun Basics Primer.

Marki Microwave specializes in broadband, microwave frequency baluns and balun transformers for test and measurement and high speed analog to digital interface applications. Our balun line consists of 3 different types of baluns, two of which are available as surface mount or connectorized:

Our transmission line transformer baluns are based on a traditional transmission line assisted with magnetic material to make broadband operation (200 kHz to 10 GHz connectorized, 500 kHz to 9 GHz surface mount) achievable with excellent amplitude balance, phase balance, and common mode rejection. These baluns are ideally suited to applications involving baseband data, analog to digital interfaces, and other test and measurement applications.

The basis for all these products is a 1:1 transmission line transformer. In some products (BALH-0003, BALH-0003SMG, BALH-0006, BALH-0006SMG, BALH-0009SMG) this transformer is sold by itself. In other products (BAL-0003, BAL-0003SMG, BAL-0006, BAL-0006SMG, BAL-0010, BAL- 0009SMG) the transformer is resistively matched on the differential ports to 50 ohms. The major difference is an improved common port return loss at the expense of ~2dB of insertion loss.

The second type of baluns is the power divider-inverter type of balun. This consists of a Wilkinson power divider, providing minimal loss and isolation, along with a high frequency inverter that allows data operation to over 50 Gb/s. These baluns are only available in connectorized fashion as the BAL-0026, BAL-0036, BAL-0050, and BAL-0067. These baluns maintain flat amplitude response to 36 GHz, and superior common mode rejection to very high frequencies.

HTML tutorial The final type of balun is the capacitively coupled balun. BAL-0106, BAL-0212, and BAL-0520 are banded, capacitively coupled transmission line baluns. They have low insertion loss and extremely high levels of balance, at the expense of a reduced low end capability. They can handle significantly more power because they have no resistors to burn up and no ferrite to saturate.

For more information, please see Marki Microwave Baluns, Transformers, and Pulse Inverters.

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ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighInsertion Loss [dB]Rise/Fall Time [ps]S-Parameters
INV-0026 PDF Download$595.004200 kHz26.5 GHz213INV-0026
INV-0040 PDF Download$745.003200 kHz40 GHz2.513INV-0040
INV-0065 PDF Download$895.002200 kHz65 GHz512INV-0065