For a complete introduction to baluns and transformers, please see the Marki Microwave Balun Basics Primer.

Surface Mount Baluns and Transformers

An RF/microwave balun (or transformer) is a device that will takes an input signal at a given output impedance and outputs the same signal and an inverted version of the signal at some output impedance. Our surface mount baluns are an excellent choice for analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, samplers, balanced receivers, mixers, clock distribution, and general signal integrity applications. We offer two types of surface mount baluns: transmission line transformer baluns and capacitively coupled baluns.

The transmission line transformer baluns (BAL-0003SMG, BAL-0006SMG, and BAL-0009SMG) offer superior amplitude balance, phase balance, and common mode rejection to competing commercially available surface mount transformers. The BALH-0003SMG, BALH-0006SMG, and BALH-0009SMG are 1:1, high power versions with lower loss. They are ROHS compliant.

The BAL-0208SMG, BAL-0416SMG, and BAL-0620SMG are capacitively coupled baluns. They offer excellent amplitude balance, phase balance, and common mode rejection across multi-octave bandwidths. They also have isolation, useful for matching into chips with charge kickback or poor return loss. They are built with Microlithic technology, and have a tiny 0.110" x 0.100" footprint.

Surface Mount Baluns and Transformers