Marki amplified quadruplers come in two different configurations. One is an amplifier followed by a quadrupler and another amplifier (AQA) and the other is a doubler followed by an amplifier followed by a doubler (DAD). The former offers higher output levels and better suppression of the fundamental while the latter offers better suppressions of the higher order harmonics. As with all multipliers and mixers, it is important to drive amplified quadruplers with the recommended drive level.

Amplified Quadruplers

Typical Performance @ +25°C

Input [GHz]Output [GHz]Input Level [dBm]
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighLowHighLowHighOutput Level [dBm]Suppressions FSuppressions 2FSuppressions 3FBias [V/mA]
AQA-1933 PDF Download1.93.37.613.2+2+5122010105V@150mA
DAD-1840 PDF Download4.51018409+183302331+7V/-0.25V@165mA
AQA-2040 PDF Download5102040+5+8194530255V@400mA
AQA-2050 PDF Download512.52050+5+8184020205V@400mA