Marki Amplified doublers integrate one or two low noise amplifiers with a schottky diode doubler ring, ideal for low phase noise applications. They offer excellent conversion efficiency across multi-octave bandwidths to 50 GHz, with good fundamental and odd harmonic suppression. As with all multipliers and mixers, it is important to drive amplified doublers with the recommended drive level.

Amplified Doublers

Typical Performance @ +25°C

Input [GHz]Output [GHz]Input Level [dBm]
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighLowHighLowHighOutput Level [dBm]Suppression FSuppression 3FBias [V/mA]
ADA-0410 PDF Download410820+5+81420205V@100mA
ADA-0512 PDF Download5121024+6+81420255V@120mA
AD-1020 PDF Download10202040+5+10713155V@100mA
ADA-1020 PDF Download10202040+5+102035155V@500mA
ADA-2050 PDF Download102520500+51735205V@500mA