Marki special function mixers fall into two categories.
  • IQ mixers feature two double balanced mixer cores with an integrated quadrature hybrid to divide the LO into two phases and an in-phase RF power divider. Marki Microwave recommends contacting our support team to validate new applications of this product line.
  • IR and SSB mixers include an IQ mixer with an integrated IF quadrature hybrid to cancel one of the converted sidebands.


    IQ Mixers

    Typical Performance @ +25°C

    Image Reject and Single Sideband Mixers

    Typical Performance @ +25°C

    RF [GHz]LO [GHz]
    ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighIF [MHz]IF [MHz]Conversion Loss [dB]Image Rejection [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]Isolations L-I [dB]
    IR-4509 PDF Download4.594.5950905.5233025
    IRW-0618 PDF Download61861842107.5233525
    SSB-0618 PDF Download61861842107.5233525