Marki Microwave has an extensive line of mixers to cover any frequency band to 65 GHz, all built on a legacy of providing the best mixer performance in the world for over 20 years.

For a given mixer requirement, we recommend starting with the mixer search engine to determine which mixers will cover your frequency band of interest. Based on this information you can select from each of our mixer lines. Most mixer lines are available in connectorized, carrier, or surface mount (below 26 GHz) packages. Keep in mind that the 'best' mixer is the one most suitable for your application, and this can only be decided by careful consideration of the datasheet and possibly experimenting with the different mixers.

  • Microlithic Mixers represent the most advanced mixer technology platform available from anywhere, including Marki. These mixers are fabricated using a patent-pending material system to provide a 14x size reduction over comparable hybrid mixers. They are computer optimized to offer superior isolation, spurious, and phase characteristics. They offer overlapping IF and LO bands, and broad flat conversion loss at RF/LO frequencies above 2 GHz.
  • T3 Mixers (and T3A Mixers with Integrated LO Amplifier) are the most sophisticated mixer circuit available. For applications where intermodulation distortion (IP3 or two tone) and input power compression (1-dB compression) are system limitations. When provided with a square wave LO drive (generated by the integrated LO amplifier in T3A units) they provide the highest possible IP3, 1-dB compression, and spurious product prevention, particularly at frequencies below 10 GHz.
  • Double Balanced Mixers are good general purpose mixers for most applications. Different product lines offer different tradeoffs primarily between bandwidth, isolations, and package options.
  • Triple Balanced Mixers offer overlapping IF and LO/RF bands. Depending on the application they may also offer superior spurious suppression and linearity.
  • Special Function Mixers use integrated in-phase power dividers and quadrature couplers to enable IQ modulation and image/sideband suppression.


Microlithic & MMIC Chip/Module

Microlithic and MMIC Surface Mount

T3 Series Mixers - High Intercept and Broadband (Triple-Balanced) - View All

T3A Series Mixers - High Intercept (Triple-Balanced) with Integrated Amplifier - View All

RF [MHz] LO [MHz]IF [MHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighLowHighConversion Loss [dB]DC Voltage [V]DC Current [mA]Surface Mount Option
T3A-07SMG PDF Download$450.00107000107000140006.5+5/-0.2160Y
T3A-07PA PDF Download$868.00107000107000140006.5+7250N

M1 Series Mixers - General Purpose (Double-Balanced) - View All

M2 Series Mixers - Broadband (Triple-Balanced) - View All

M4 Series Mixers - Ultra Wideband (Double-Balanced) - View All

RF [GHz]LO [GHz]IF [MHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighLowHighConversion Loss [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]Isolations L-I [dB]Surface Mount Option
M4-0040 PDF Download.540.540DC40082830N
M4-0050 PDF Download.550.550DC30092727N
M4-0126 PDF Download126.5126.5DC7008.53030N
M4-0140 PDF Download140140DC7008.53027N
M4-0150 PDF Download150150DC40092727N
M4-0165 PDF Download165165DC4009.52727N

M8 Series Mixers - High Performance, High Isolation (Double-Balanced) - View All

RF [GHz]LO [GHz]IF [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighLowHighConversion Loss [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]Isolations L-I [dB]
M8-0326 PDF Download326.5326.5DC25.53525
M8-0412 PDF Download412412DC254025
M8-0420 PDF Download420420DC25.54030

M9 Series Mixers - Millimeter Wave (Double-Balanced) - View All

RF [GHz]LO [GHz]IF [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighLowHighConversion Loss [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]Isolations L-I [dB]
M9-0444 PDF Download444444DC37.52525
M9-0465 PDF Download465465DC392525
M9-0540 PDF Download540540DC37.52525
M9-0750 PDF Download750750DC107.52525
M9-0942 PDF Download94294212292525
M9-0950 PDF Download950950122102525
M9D-2065 PDF Download2065530122123030

IQ Mixers - View All

Image Reject and Single Sideband Mixers - View All

RF [GHz]LO [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceLowHighLowHighIF [MHz]IF [MHz]Conversion Loss [dB]Image Rejection [dB]Isolations L-R [dB]Isolations L-I [dB]
IR-4509 PDF Download4.594.5950905.5233025
IRW-0618 PDF Download61861842107.5233525
SSB-0618 PDF Download61861842107.5233525