Dual Directional Couplers

Similar to our stripline directional couplers, Marki RF/microwave Dual Directional Couplers consist of two back to back stripline directional couplers. They allow a user to measure both forward and backward traveling waves with poorly impedance matched detectors. High directivity allows them to be used for scalar network and return loss/VSWR measurements.

For information see the Microwave Power Divider and Coupler Primer .

Dual Directional Couplers

Typical Performance @ +25°C

Frequency Band [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighVSWRMean Coupling [dB]Amplitude Flatness [dB]Directivity [dB]S-Parameters
CD10-0106 PDF Download$1,125.0030.76.31.1410±0.625 -
CD10-0114 PDF Download$1,250.0050.714.71.1710±0.623 -