Low Loss High Power Couplers

Marki offers two types of high power couplers: low loss stripline and airline. Low loss stripline couplers use edge coupled stripline construction to offer superior power handling and low loss with flat coupling values from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

Unique airline construction allows extremely low insertion loss and high power handling in our RF/microwave airline couplers. These single section couplers contain no dielectric, so there are no dielectric losses. They offer extremely broad frequency response (if the coupling rolloff can be calibrated out by the user) and high directivity. They are excellent for load-pull testing of amplifiers, power monitoring of transmitted signals, and other high power applications.

For information see the Microwave Power Divider and Coupler Primer .

Low Loss High Power Directional Couplers

Typical Performance @ +25°C