For in-depth information regarding all couplers, please refer to the Microwave Power Dividers and Couplers Primer and the Directivity and VSWR Measurements App Note .

Marki Microwave coupler offerings include:
  • Quadrature Hybrid Couplers that offer an equal splitting ratio and 90 degree phase shift between outputs.
  • High Directivity Bridge Couplers with a 16 dB coupling ratio and the highest directivity commercially available from 200 kHz to 12 GHz.
  • Stripline Directional Couplers with excellent directivity, flat coupling, and low insertion loss to 65 GHz.
  • Low Loss Airline Couplers suitable for high power applications.
  • Dual Directional (stripline) Couplers with excellent directivity for both forward and reflected coupled measurements.
  • Pick Off Tees for very broadband, non-directional signal coupling.

3 dB Quadrature (90 degree) Hybrids View All

High Directivity Bridge Couplers View All

Frequency Band
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighVSWRMean Coupling [dB]Directivity [dB]S-Parameters
CBR16-0003 PDF Download$695.005200 kHz3 GHz1.11640CBR16-0003
CBR16-0006 PDF Download$845.0018200 kHz6 GHz1.151638CBR16-0006
CBR16-0012 PDF Download$995.000200 kHz12 GHz1.251632CBR16-0012

Directional Couplers (Stripline) View All

Directional Couplers (Low Loss) View All

Dual Directional Couplers View All

Frequency Band [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighVSWRMean Coupling [dB]Amplitude Flatness [dB]Directivity [dB]S-Parameters
CD10-0106 PDF Download$1,125.0030.76.31.1410±0.625 -
CD10-0114 PDF Download$1,250.0050.714.71.1710±0.623 -

Pick-Off Tees View All

Frequency Band [GHz]
ModelDatasheetPriceStockLowHighInsertion Loss [dB]Pick-Off Loss [dB]S-Parameters
PT-0020 PDF Download$420.0011DC20216 -
PT-0030 PDF Download$450.001DC30216 -